Lakehouse Coffee (tm) - Distributed by Atlanta Coffee Supply Group

From the very first sip you'll know

Lakehouse Coffees signature selection of fresh-roasted coffee has filtered its way through the Southwests finest restaurants and cafes. Currently we feature a varied assortment of straights and blended coffees that cover a wide range of tastes, aromas and appearance that appeals to everyone from the casual drinker to the most discerning afficianodos.

Coffee Blends

  • Mountian Blend
  • Rustic Cabin
  • Espresso #3
  • Chef's Blend
  • Hidden Cover
  • Sundown Decaf
  • Rising Moon
  • Tippacanoe

Coffee Straights

  • Sumatra
  • Brazillian Daterra Coffees
  • Zimbabwe
  • Costa Rican S.H.B.
  • Colombian Supremo
  • Zambia "AA"
  • Guatemalan Antigua
  • Ethiopian Yirgecheffe
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Kenya "AA"
  • Ethiopian "Longberry" Harrar
  • Mexican Altura
  • Panama Boquet
  • Tanzanian Peaberry

Serving Lakehouse

If you had a cup of coffee at one of these restaurants we appreciate your good taste. If you really enjoyed your cup please let the restaurant know. If you can't live without that cup, let us know and we will ship it to your door.


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Contact Us

In order to keep all communication open and easy, we have decided to start using phones at the Lakehouse Coffee offices. Our pigeons kept getting lost and when it rains our soup cans on a string would become all garbled. Therefore, please feel free to call us with any kind of question or issue that we may help you with pertaining to coffee that is. Oh yea, we also use the internet, but I guess if you are reading this you already know that.

Anyway, here are some pertinent names and email addresses:

Jonathan Silver (x222) - all around question answerer:

Marsha Williams (x221) - orders & administration:

Jerome Tucker (x224) - delivery & equipment questions:

Address & Directions:

1800 Wilson Way
Suite 10
Smyrna, GA 30082
(404) 799-7774

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